Clyde and Dettelbach Release Ohio Redistricting Plan

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

‘Keep It Open, Keep It Honest’ Plan Will Bring Transparency To Ohio’s Map-Drawing Process

COLUMBUS — Ohio Secretary of State candidate Kathleen Clyde and Ohio Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach teamed up to release a new plan for Ohio’s redistricting process Thursday. The “Keep It Open, Keep It Honest” plan will force redistricting out of the shadows of backroom deal-making and into the sunshine of open and transparent map-drawing.

“This plan is about adding accountability and transparency and closing loopholes to make sure our elected officials are working for Ohioans, not party bosses,” said Steve Dettelbach.

“Our ‘Keep it Open, Keep it Honest’ plan will bring much needed transparency to the redistricting process and put an end to partisan politicians making backroom deals no matter which party is in charge,” said Kathleen Clyde.

When Ohio legislative and congressional districts were drawn in 2011 based on national Republican strategy, “Keep it Secret. Keep it Safe”, blatant partisan gerrymandering led to some of the most undemocratic and bizarre maps in the United States and the most gerrymandered maps in Ohio history.

The Dettelbach/Clyde plan builds on recently enacted and proposed redistricting reforms by adding important new steps:

1.) Requires regular public reports and the release of draft maps under negotiation in real time.

2.) Mandates regular public briefings and allows for ongoing public input.

3.) Requires public redistricting meetings with sufficient notice and prohibits any secretive meeting process.

4.) Forces those involved to preserve their redistricting records and related communications.

5.) Allows the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to quickly bring suspected violations before a court of law for judicial review.

The plan would be enacted via a combination of legislation slated to be introduced by Clyde.

In 2011, Republican Ohio Auditor Dave Yost participated in the process that saw maps being drawn in a secret “bunker” Doubletree hotel room, and Republican state Sen. Frank LaRose voted for the gerrymandered Congressional map that resulted from it. Yost is now seeking the office of Ohio attorney general while LaRose is running for secretary of state.


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