ICYMI: Kathleen Clyde emerges as change candidate at Cleveland voting forum

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Pushes robust plan to ensure fair, secure and transparent elections in Ohio

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – Democratic Secretary of State candidate and state Rep. Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) joined panelists at a Cleveland League of Women Voters and Plain Dealer Voting Issues Forum Wednesday to discuss her plan to ensure fair, secure and transparent elections in Ohio.

Here are some of the key takeaways from Wednesday’s 90-minute panel discussion:

Fair districts: Clyde emphasized her support of redistricting reform throughout her time as state representative. She voted against the 2011 hyperpartisan plan that drew the most rigged maps in state history and has supported and fought for bipartisan efforts to ensure fair districts and better representation for all Ohioans.

Cybersecurity: Ohio’s election systems were targeted by Russian hackers in 2016, and Ohio must be prepared for future threats. Rep. Clyde emerged as the only candidate in the race with a comprehensive cybersecurity plan. Her plan would encourage counties to use systems that require voter marked, voter verified paper ballots. In addition, Clyde has proposed creating a cybersecurity director and bipartisan advisory board of security experts, from both the private and public sector, to monitor risks and secure Ohio’s election system from hackers.

Campaign Finance: Every campaign season Ohioans see millions of dollars in dark money from special interests, corporations and foreign nationals pouring into Ohio to influence elections. Rep. Clyde outlined her DISCLOSE Act, a commonsense plan to bring transparency to elections by making LLCs disclose their donors and banning foreign money in Ohio elections – a move that would make voters, not special interests, the ones whose voice matters the most in Ohio elections.

Making voting more accessible: Ohioans have seen their fundamental right to vote chipped away over the last eight years. Millions of eligible voters have been purged from the rolls, many for simply missing a few elections. As Secretary of State, Kathleen Clyde would roll back Ohio’s aggressive voter purge and push to join the growing number of states enacting automatic voter registration, which would register eligible voters for doing the things they already do every day like renew their driver’s license or apply for benefits.

Kathleen Clyde is the Democratic nominee for Ohio Secretary of State and currently serves as state representative for Ohio’s 75th House district, which includes most of  Portage County in Northeast Ohio. She’s an advocate for redistricting reform and voting rights, and has fought against Senate Bill 5 attacks on working families.


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