Kathleen Clyde Means Business: Ohio Secretary of State Candidate Announces Plan To Make Ohio More Business Friendly

Wednesday, July 11th, 2018

COLUMBUS, OH – State Rep. Kathleen Clyde, Democratic nominee for Ohio Secretary of State, released her plan Tuesday to encourage economic development, job creation and innovation in the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office.

“Encouraging a business-friendly, growth-oriented, job-creating Ohio is a crucial responsibility of this office and that’s exactly what I’m going to do as Ohio’s next Secretary of State,” said Rep. Clyde. “From helping new business owners get off to a strong start to managing business filings and cutting bureaucratic red tape, I will be a tireless and forward-thinking partner to Ohio businesses both large and small.”

Clyde announced her plan during a business roundtable Tuesday in Columbus where she met with small business owners about how the Secretary of State’s Office can help support their efforts and encourage growth.

“I will do this by building on the best practices from previous administrations both Republican and Democratic to make the office more efficient, modern and innovative for Ohio entrepreneurs, ” said Rep. Clyde.

“Kathleen Clyde understands the critical role local businesses play in our communities. From helping shape community identity, to creating job opportunities, to providing important services, thriving businesses lead to thriving communities, and Kathleen’s plan will make sure that happens across Ohio, ” said Josh Lapp co-founder & principal of Designing Local.

“I’m encouraged by our roundtable discussion today with Rep. Clyde about her plan to improve services and resources for business owners in Ohio. She understands the needs of business owners, the obstacles we face and how to build on the work of previous secretaries of state to make things better,” said Letha Pugh owner of Bake Me Happy.

The Clyde Plan to Serve Ohio Businesses and Entrepreneurs:

1. Make the Office More User-Friendly. The Secretary of State website is the first-place business owners go to file paperwork to establish their companies in Ohio. Kathleen will modernize and simplify the website so it’s easier and faster to navigate the process from a computer, phone or tablet.

2. Extend Office Hours. Ohio’s entrepreneurs often tend to their business during the workday and sometimes need assistance outside traditional business hours. Kathleen’s plan will alleviate this burden by making it easier for busy Ohioans to get help filing their paperwork during non-business hours.

3. Supporting Our Veterans. Kathleen would eliminate filing fees for veterans who wish to start a business. Kathleen believes if you serve our country in the military, you shouldn’t have to pay a fee to start your business.

4. Protect Against Fraud. Currently, anyone can file liens and other documentation against businesses in Ohio, without providing proof of their validity. These filings can be fraudulent and cost businesses time, money, and loss of reputation. Kathleen’s plan is to protect Ohio businesses by notifying businesses promptly when such filings occur and by making it easier for the Office and for businesses to have fraudulent filings quickly removed.

5. Strengthen Support for Businesses Owned by Women and Minorities. Women own fewer than 17 percent of Ohio businesses with paid employees, and people of color are also underrepresented. Kathleen’s plan will ensure the Secretary of State’s Office is working closely with Ohio’s local business support centers to improve funding and access to services for women- and minority-owned businesses, as well as businesses in higher unemployment areas.

6. Collaborate with Stakeholders. Kathleen’s plan calls for establishing more regular and ongoing dialogue with business leaders and owners, chambers of commerce, trade associations, worker organizations and other business stakeholders to help make Ohio more welcoming to entrepreneurs and resident companies, as well as companies considering locating in Ohio.



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