Kathleen Clyde Statement on Congress Passing Funding to Secure our Election Systems

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

Clyde praises the bipartisan vote by Congress that has been approved by President Trump to provide funding to Ohio to protect against growing cyber threats. But more is needed.

COLUMBUS, OH – Ohio Secretary of State candidate Kathleen Clyde (D-Kent) issued the following statement on the bipartisan vote in Congress for a bill that will send money to states to replace aging voting machines and increase the cybersecurity of our election:

“I am pleased with the bipartisan vote in Congress this week to approve $380 million for state grants from the U.S. Elections Assistance Commission and $300 million for federal law enforcement to fight back against ongoing Russian efforts to hack our American elections,” said Kathleen Clyde. “Ohio will receive some of this federal money and I will push to ensure we upgrade our election systems to voter-marked, voter-verified paper ballot systems with mandatory audits.

“This is a good start and I hope to see our leaders in Washington do more to protect our democracy from 21st century threats. We can confront and defeat today’s cyber threats if we work together,” said Kathleen Clyde.

Kathleen Clyde is the only Secretary of State candidate who has put forth a plan to modernize and secure Ohio’s election systems from growing cyber threats. Earlier this year, Kathleen Clyde introduced legislation that calls for a Cybersecurity Director and council in the Secretary of State office, along with requiring voter-marked, voter-verified paper ballots and regular post-election audits.


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